how i started my healthy(ish) journey

i have always been blessed with clear skin and barely any acne. however, eating high sugar all the time has led me to some minimal breakouts on the sides of my cheeks that did not go away for years. then came the end of freshman year of high school, i started counting calories and lost weight. my skin completely cleared up. however, i did over do it a little like many people which led me to some times of binging. i was lucky enough to not fall deeper down this path and realized that i needed to change my habits gradually. one day, i was scrolling through youtube recommended, and i stumbled upon sanne vloet's video. she is a dutch model that works with heroes models NY. she loves using her media platforms to show her health journey. her videos present actual balanced lifestyle and satiating meals. i managed to educate myself more on nutrition, and i started to follow her guide and experiment cooking at home; it became a great way for me to relieve stress from my sophomore year academics. rather than completely cutting out certain foods, i slowly learned how to incorporate different healthy fats instead of just high protein and high fiber foods into my diet.

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